So you say What Is IPTV? It will have you saying “No More Kodi”.

First of all, I just want to give a disclaimer!  I am not some average joe, worried about being politically correct, sales, or money.  I am simply here to keep it all the way real, honest and brutal with my expect to have lots of laughs and raw, uncut honesty from my website and experiences.

Ok, so now that we got that out of the way, let’s explore IPTV and exactly what it is and how you can save money on your cable services starting TODAY!

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and it is basically a system in which television is delivered over a packet switched network..basically the internet.  This is opposed to your traditional television cable that is delievered either satellite or cable tv formats.

It can be accessed from your phone, pc, tablet, android box, firestick, roku or smart tv!!  The good ones offer FREE PPV, movie channels, and all sports packages!!!

There are many free IPTV m3U lists, but most are unreliable and often don’t work at all!  It is best to subscribe to an IPTV service, there are many..some good, some not!  Be selective!  Through my site, you can learn what to look for when subscribing to a service.


Introducing Set TV 

Set Tv, is simply the best IPTV Service out there, and believe me.. I have tried many!  The most compelling thing about their service is their customer support.  They have an 800 number that you can call to get technical support or customer service.  You can also go on thier site and do a live chat for help!

They offer over 500 channels, HD quality I might include PPV channels, all sports packages, and all movies channels.  Oh, and if you’re nasty, they include about 10 porn channels, with a code to prevent the young ones from being exposed to nastiness!! HEHEHE

There is also a watch?v=lmAYr3VAYd0' target='_blank'>video on demand section, which you get tons of the latest movies and tv shows.  If you are familiar with kodi, it is just like this. Hence, #NomoreKodi


Free 3-Day Trial

Ok, so if you are curious as to if this is too good to be true, well just go ahead a sign up for the 3 day trial and see for yourself.  You will be amazed. There is no credit card required for this trial and you have full access.

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